Saturday, 22 February 2014

Top Blogging Tips

A guide to  the art of  blogging

Blogging can mean a lot to you or nothing at all. If it is the former case, then you might, in fact, gain a lot from this activity. Blogging is an art. It differs in meaning for different people and has a different value for each individual. A number of people today have their blogs up and running on the web either for being used as a journal or as a business communication tool. And as bloggers, they all probably know what helps with blogging. Here is a recap on the essentials of blogging:

 Sharing: First things first, sharing is vital for getting your blog an audience. When you share your work on the social media platforms available, you will be make people aware of your virtual presence. Share your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc. to get noticed quickly. Use the link to your blog in as many comment threads and forums as possible.

 Inter-Linking: Using an appropriate number of links within one blog, which direct the reader to another write-up on your blog and so on, will increase the overall visibility of your works. The point here is not to stuff too many links as it will unnecessarily lead to confusion.

Technical Terms: As long as it is not a blog for a certain niche targeting experts and post-graduates, using technical terms or jargons is a complete NO-NO. The readers are not looking for that on a blogging platform. They are willing to share experiences and something concise as well as interesting is what is likely to evoke a reaction in them.

The Author Style: Writing as if you were authoring a book never worked in case of blogging. There is a considerable difference between the writing style for a book and for a blog. With the latter you have to be extremely interactive. For the former you can do without a conversational style.

 Keywords: Two precautionary lessons here: one, don't forget to include keywords in your write-up; and, second, don't be tempted by keyword stuffing. Using the right number of keywords at the right places is important. You can follow the inverted pyramid approach for a good result.

Images: Yes, we all know that a picture can speak a thousand words. In a blog, a picture is meant to supplement the content and arouse a level of interest in the reader. An image that supports your content is always preferable

Update: Regularly updating your blog is something that is required out of every blogger. Until that is being done all other tips and advices nearly fail. Keep updating your blog so that it doesn't stagnate.

Blogging is a great way of keeping yourself engaged and updated with the things that interest you. You can maintain a blog in form of a journal, news chronicle or simply as a marketing platform. Beginning a blog with a story or an example is a good trick for involving the reader. You can also be a little poetic and begin with an interesting quote. Also, remember to give your blog a conclusion.